Crompton Mini Chrome 2 Review

Crompton Mini Chrome 2 Review (HP, Specifications, Price)

Wondering if Crompton Mini Chrome 2 is an ideal water pump as per your needs and requirements. Read on to know all the important information about mini chrome and get to know whether it’s a good pick for you or not.

Crompton Mini Chrome 2 is a self priming water pump that is economical, light weight and comes with great built design. These Crompton pumps are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field. Mini Chrome 2 is 0.5 HP water pump that has the power rating of 0.37kw and operates on 180-240 voltage.

Crompton Mini Chrome 2 Water Pump (Multicolor)

Crompton Mini Chrome 1

Product Details

  • Material:¬†Aluminum
  • HP: 0.5 HP
  • Weight: 5kg 760g
  • Pipe size (mm x mm): 25X25 mm
  • Head range (meters): ¬†6-30 m
  • Power Rating: 0.37 kw

It’s only 5.8 Kg in weight which make it portable and it’s compact design makes it easy to install in smaller spaces. Crompton Mini Chrome 2 is a single phase water pump that comes with the head range of 6-30 meters that help you handle your water needs efficiently.


Model:Crompton Mini Chrome 2
Product Dimensions:22 cm x 20 cm x 22 cm
Type:Self Priming Pump
Pipe size (mm x mm):25 X 25 mm
Weight:5kg 760g
HP:0.5 HP
Power Rating:0.37 kw
Frequency:50 Hz
Discharge (LPM):44 – 10
Head range:6-30 meters
Voltage Band:180v – 240v
Speed:2880 RPM

What Comes in the box

  • Pump set
  • Strainer
  • Installation & Operational Manual
  • Warranty Card

Pros & Cons


  • Fitted with Thermal Load Protection
  • High Quality & long life Mechanical Seal
  • Easy to Fit & Compact Size
  • Optimum Performance at Low Price


  • Not ideal for the place where the height is more than (35meters)

Ideal to Use At

  • Bungalows, apartments, hotels, farmhouses, laundries, Clubs
  • Gardening and Lawn Sprinklers
  • Lifting water to overhead storage tanks
  • Water Circulation in industries


Crompton Mini Chrome 2 is a water pump that provide optimum performance at low price. These water pumps are popular for domestic use because they are easy to use, light-weight and have an inbuilt overheat protection feature. Mini Chrome 2 will be a great option for you if you are looking for an economical pump with good performance.


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