Crompton Mini Crest 1 Review

Crompton Mini Crest 1 Review (Price, Specifications, HP) – 2022

Crompton mini crest 1 is one of the products of Crompton Optimum Performance Series. It’s a self-priming regenerative 1hp electric water pump. This water pump is fitted with Thermal Overload Protector which provides protection from overtemperature.

You can install a 25*25 mm (1 inch) pipe for the inlet and outlet of the water. It comes with a head range of 6-34 meters where you can lift 2700 liter in 1 hour for the height of 6 meters and 750 liters in an hour for the height of 34 meters.

The amount of lifted water in 1 hour will increase or decrease according to the increase or decrease of the head range.

This Crompton mini crest 1 water pump is a single-phase motor that comes under insulation class B. Made of metal this water pump comes with a sleek look and compact & sturdy design.

This has Self-priming unto 8.0 meters at mean sea level and has a brass impeller installed which is great.

Another great thing about Crompton water pumps like this is they come with handles on top which makes these pumps easy to carry from one place to another.

Crompton 1HP SP Mini Crest I Water Pump (Multicolor)

Crompton Mini Crest 1 Water Pump

Product Details

  • Material: Metal
  • HP: 1
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Pipe size (mm x mm): 25 x 25
  • Head range (meters): 6-34
  • Discharge range (LPM): 2700-500

It is best to use at bungalows, garages, flats, laundries, clubs, gardening and lawn sprinklers, and booster applications.


Model:Crompton mini Crest 1
Pipe size (mm x mm):25 x 25
Weight:10 kg
rpm (syn):3000
Motor Winding:Copper
Head range:6-34 meters
Discharge range (LPH):2700-500 litter per hour
Voltage Band:180-240 Volts
Current:5:00 Amp.
Speed:2780 RPM
Number Of Phases:Single
Crompton Mini Crest 1 Specification
Crompton Mini Crest 1 Specification

What Comes in the box

  • Pumpset
  • Strainer
  • Installation & Operational Manual
  • Warranty Card

The Crompton Crest I Centrifugal Pump is a high-performance pump that is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Pros & Cons


  • Compact & Sleek Look
  • Fitted with Thermal Load Protection
  • High Quality & long life Mechanical Seal
  • Great for domestic use 
  • Forged Brass Impeller


  • Not ideal for the place where the height is more than (35meters)

Ideal to Use At

  • Bungalows, apartments, hotels, farmhouses, laundries, Clubs
  • Gardening and Lawn Sprinklers
  • Lifting water to overhead storage tanks
  • Water Circulation in industries

Promising Review

‘Suction power is amazing, got it for 4k.
I can say that it is value for money, if I compare it to my ordinary previous motor it is really a lot better in terms of power.’


Mini crest 1 is one of the most popular and inexpensive water pumps by Crompton. It’s a good water pump for regular use at home with the usual requirement.

If you want a water pump for things like lifting water to an overhead tank, lawn sprinkling, gardening, etc. Then this could be the ideal water pump to choose.

But if you are looking for a water pump to lift the water more than 35 meters then surely this wouldn’t be the right pick for that requirement.

Liked Crompton Mini Crest 1?

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