Crompton Mini Cruz 1 Review

Crompton mini Cruz 1 Review (Price, Specifications, HP)

Crompton mini Cruz 1 is a small sized and inexpensive domestic water pump. It comes under optimum performance series of Crompton water pumps. This has aluminum extruded motor body and brass impeller which makes it great for long term use.

These pumps also got Thermal Overload Protector in it to protect the motor from high temperature. Crompton mini Cruz 1 is a single phase water pump with 1hp motor. In terms of technical specification Crompton mini Cruz 1 has the head range of (6-34 m) and the capacity of 2700-725 LPH (liter per hour). These pumps come with 25*25 mm (1 inches) inlets and outlets size that are adequate for domestic use. The power rating of this pump is 0.75 KW and it’s a single phase motor.

CROMPTON Mini Cruz 1 Water Pump

Crompton Mini Cruz 1

Product Details

  • Material: Aluminum
  • HP: 1
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Pipe size (mm x mm): 25 x 25
  • Head range (meters): 6-34 m
  • Discharge range (lph): 2700-500

It’s used for domestic needs like water supply to bungalows, garages, flats, laundries, clubs gardening and lawn sprinklers booster.


Model:Crompton mini Cruz 1
Product Dimension:27.94 x 25.4 x 17.78 cm
Pipe size (mm x mm):25 x 25
Weight:8.8 kg
Power Rating:0.75kw
Flow Rate:44 lpm
Head range:6-34 meters
Discharge range (lph):2700-750 litter per hour
Voltage Band:180-240 Volts
Current:5:00 Amp.

What Comes in the box

  • Pumpset
  • Strainer
  • Installation & Operational Manual
  • Warranty Card

Pros & Cons


  • Light Weight
  • Good for domestic use 
  • Compact & Sturdy
  • Easy to Install


  • Not for super heavy use

Ideal to Use At

  • bungalows, garages, flats, laundries, clubs gardening
  • Lifting water to overhead storage tanks
  • Gardening and Lawn Sprinklers


Crompton mini cruz 1 is a lightweight, easy to handle and economical water pump. This is a good pump to use for domestic purpose in bungalows, hotels, farmhouses etc. But when it comes to heavy lifting it might not be the best water pump to choose.


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