Crompton Mini Marvel 1 Review

Crompton Mini Marvel 1 Review (Price, Specifications, HP)

Wondering if Crompton Greaves mini marvel 1 would be a good water pump for your requirements. You can read further to know all the information and my opinion on this water pump, which might help you to make your decision whether to go for it or not.

Crompton Greaves mini marvel 1 water pump comes with a compact and modern design that is quite easy to operate. It has thermal overload protection which protects it from high temperatures. This water pump comes with an energy-saving motor which helps it to work smoothly.

Crompton Mini Marvel 1 Water Pump (Multicolor)

Crompton Mini Chrome 1

Product Details

  • Material: Aluminum
  • HP: 1hp
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Pipe size (mm x mm): 25 X 25 mm
  • Head range (meters): 6-39m
  • Power Rating: 0.75 kW

Mini Marvel 1 is classified as a Monoblock water pump. A typical Monoblock pump works excellently in a domestic setup. These pumps have faster suction abilities that enable them to save time.

In terms of built design, this water pump is made of aluminum pressure die cast motor body enabling Mini Marvel 1 to extend its working life. Also, such a design increases its impact-resistant features.

Coming to its specifications, Crompton mini Marvel 1 comes with a discharge range of 3000-750lph (Litter per hour) and can suck water from up to 6m depth and throw water up to 39m distance.

This pump is one of its kind with a flow rate of 7 liters per minute. The power rating of this pump is 0.75 kW. It’s a single-phase motor that is capable of withstanding wide voltage fluctuations from 180-240 volts.


Model:Crompton Mini Marvel 1
Product Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 30 cm
Pipe size (mm x mm):25 X 25 mm
Weight:8 kg
Power Rating:0.75 kW
Frequency:50 Hz
Flow Rate:40
Discharge (LPM):51 – 13 LPM
Head range:6-39 m
Discharge range (LPH):3000-750 LPH
Voltage Band:180 – 240V
Insulation Class:B

What Comes in the box

  • Pumpset
  • Strainer
  • Installation & Operational Manual
  • Warranty Card



  • Light Weight Pump for Easy Handling
  • Compact & Sleek Look
  • Highly Efficient and Energy Saving Motor


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This water pump is made of high-quality material for better performance and longer life. Centrifugal Pump Mini Marvel has a head range of 6-24m and a power of 1HP. It comes with a flow rate of 7 liters per minute.

Ideal to Use At

  • Bungalows, apartments, hotels, farmhouses, laundries, Clubs
  • Water Circulation in industries
  • Lifting water to overhead storage tanks


Crompton mini Marvel 1 is a centrifugal pump made with high-quality material that provides better performance and long life. It is made lightweight and compact so that the users can very easily handle and maintain it. 

This powerful self-primping pump can be used in apartments, hotels, bungalows, hospitals, farmhouses, and more. If you are searching for a 1HP water pump that is efficient and powerful then Crompton mini Marvel 1 would make a great choice.

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